Cali Classic 125


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Lance Cali Classic 125 is an unique scooter with a style of its own and extremely easy to ride. It’s the perfect scooter for someone looking to get into the world of biking without having a typical scooter.

Inspired by the world of cruisers, its design is characterized by simple elegant lines, naked handlebars, comfortable seat, high quality paintwork and elegant chrome.

Maximum horsepower is at 8.38hp with a top speed of 59 mph. Acceleration is smooth and continuous with a steady flow of power that serves its purpose. It ’s the perfect for getting around town but also fastenough for smooth flowing traffic on urban roads


Cali Classic 125
MSRP $2,199*

Ceramic-coated Cylinder Technology

125cc Engine
59 mph Top Speed
Horsepower / 7500RPM


24 months parts and labor warranty
Built by SYM


Butterscotch Yellow,
Arctic White,
Ruby Red,
Midnight Black,
Sky Blue